Abacus Research Solutions – Leadership Training

Our five-day leadership training course helps participants to transform into inspirational leaders who create powerful and highly motivated teams that are fully aligned with their organization’s goals and vision.

We equip participants with the knowledge and skills to maximize productivity and organizational performance, by giving them the tools to make smarter decisions, assess organizational culture and create an enabling environment that promotes continuous learning to create a competitive edge for the organization. Our leadership training course is unique because not only do participants gain technical and professional expertise, but they also acquire the competencies to continuously monitor quantitatively return on investment (ROI) of non-capital investments of their organization, so that they confidently solve problems, drive results with strategic vision and ethically practice corporate responsibility.  Cost Ksh. 150,000 per participant.

Registration is now open. For more information contact us on info@roiinstitutekenya.com

ROI Personnel

Mr. Daniel Okal posing with the founder of ROI Methodology Dr. Jack Phillips, together with Dr. Patti Phillips, CEO of ROI Institute USA, after receiving his ROI Certification in Texas, USA.


Mr. Daniel Okal in Texas, USA with other high level participants from around the world.

Accelerating Performance

Mr. Daniel Okal, Partner ROI Institute USA and the founder of ROI Methodology Dr. Jack Phillips, discussing partnership issues.

ROI Training in Progress.

Mr. Daniel Okal making a presentation…